Rough Road Ahead?

Each year in the U.S. roughly 27 million people visit the chiropractor. We put a lot of wear and tear on our bones and bodies. Even just the small aspects of day to day life can add up significantly. The average individual is shorter at the end of the day then they are in the morning. Just walking around throughout the day puts enough strain on our bodies that we actually lose a little bit of our height. Thankfully our bodies recover while we sleep before the process starts itself over once again each morning. Your vehicle is similar to you in this regard. Vehicles endure wear and tear each and every day that we drive them around. Speed bumps, pot holes, curb checks, and all the small uneven areas of the roads and surfaces we drive them on cause your vehicle to be moving up and down consistently. Thanks to modern technology and engineering we don't notice these ups and downs nearly as much as we used to. However they are still there and still causing potential damage and safety concerns to your vehicle. An ancient nomadic tribe in central Asia was known for being superior horseman of their day. They were so gifted on horses they practically lived on them. They ate, drank, and even slept on horseback in order to travel farther distances without taking breaks. These ancient warriors became known for having indentations and sometimes even holes in their pelvic bone where the spinal column had essentially drilled down the bone due to the constant up and down of being on horseback. They showed how dramatic of an effect even small repetitive moments can make. We recommend getting new shocks and struts on your vehicle every 80k miles. Think of it almost like taking your car to the chiropractor. New suspension components can rejuvenate your entire vehicle. It saves your tires from developing uneven or dangerous tread patterns, therefore preventing you from buying tires more frequently than you need to. New suspension helps protect many of the underside components of your vehicle. Control arms, tie rods, wheel bearings, the list goes on and on of all the parts that are benefited from new suspension, and the money you could be saving down the line on bigger repair costs. The best part about getting new suspension is that you can truly feel a difference. We often do important work on our vehicles in which we can't see or feel a difference. We know it is good for the vehicle and will prevent future break downs, but you don't always get the satisfaction of truly feeling it. With suspension we guarantee you can feel the difference between a set of worn our shocks and struts and a set of brand new road ready shocks and struts. Customers are consistently surprised at how different it does feel. Shocks and struts break down slowly and over time, consequently we often don't realize how bad they have gotten because it is such a slow transition. However with shocks and struts working differently you will be shocked you didn't notice how bad the previous ones were earlier.

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